About Renix Electronics

Our Processor Boards have a variety of Processors from 8-bit Microchip to 32-bit STMicro ARM Cortex-M series. The boards were laid out to match TI’s LaunchPad headers. The Interface and Sensor boards conform to the TI Boosterpack headers.

The modularity of the boards allows designers to pick from our Processor Boards, and add any of the Interface & Sensor Boards from our designs or other 3rd part vendors such as Booster Packs from TI

Modifying a Processor and or Interface / Sensor Board into a customized layout is part of a service to help customers get to market expeditiously.

Hardware Design

Hardware Design

Renix Electronics provides Electronic Engineering consulting and Design of Electronic Circuits. Turnkey Projects from specification through packaging.

We have extensive electronic design experience in Acquisition, measurement and control systems design for embedded environments and stand-alone applications.


Firmware & FPGA (Code) Design

Software / Firmware development with C/C++ and Assembly Language for the target Microcontroller.

Projects include both FPGA and Microprocessor based solutions, requiring C/C++ & Assembly high and low-level programming languages for Microprocessor firmware and VHDL for FPGA code design.


PCB Design

PCB Design includes Schematic Capture, multi-layer impedance controlled PCB layout to minimize EMI, improve Signal Integrity. PCB Layout with the latest Altium CAD for high density Surface Mount Technology. We also support older PCAD or OrCAD (Cadence) software for conversion to Altium.


Consulting and Design Service

Consulting Services include Circuit Analysis and onsite Troubleshooting, Project management, documentation and training.

Turn-Key service from Specification and Prototype development, Code design, PCB Layout, part procurement and assembly, and final testing and documentation.