Renix Electronics - Electronic Hardware Design Capabilities

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Hardware Design: Digital, Analog , Interface

Designs vary in complexities from small 6/8-pin PIC10 PIC12 Controllers to larger Processors or DSP with a FPGA for I/O expansion, Peripheral Modules, Interface and glue logic. Electronic Designs consist both of Digital and Analog circuitry. Renix Electronics has completed many such designs as part of a deliverable or as a turnkey solution.

Hardware Design - Processors & Firmware

Our development Boards have a variety of Processors from 8-bit Microchip to 32-bit STMicro ARM Cortex-M series.

Code development for our Processor Boards could be done with the FREE Compiler tools from vendors. (See Development Tools). Debugging and program download is done using the inexpensive Debuggers and Programmers we offer.

VHDL (Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language ) for FPGA designs.

Complete VHDL Test Benches using text based vector input (stimulus) & output (error reporting) files.

(See our FPGA and Programmable page for more details on Xilinx and Altera FPGA designs)

VHDL (Xilinx synthesis & Coregen tools) Xilinx Spartan/ II /3, VIRTEX/E/II, CoolRunner
VHDL (Altera synthesis & MegaWizard Tools) Altera Cyclone III, Avalon bus and SOPC Builder
Modelsim Simulation / Verification Xilinx MicroBlaze, ChipScope Pro
IAR Embedded Workbench, Quadravox AQ430 Texas Instruments MSP430F4x/11x
C/C++, Assembly Languages INTEL 8080/85 / 49, 8031/51, 8088 / 86, PHILIPS 87C652


Hardware Design - Interfaces, Analog & Power

We have experience with several serial, parallel or custom interfaces requiring custom handshaking.

A/D-D/A, PWM techniques, I2C, 3-Wire SPI, LVDS, RS 232 / 485 to name a few.

Power Supply designs - Switched Mode & Linear Regulated Power Supply design.

 Rectification, Passive filtering, Op-Amp based Active Filters.

 Inductive drive electronic circuit design, including the device protection circuitry. (Snubber Circuits).